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Want to impress that sweet little honey that’s been flirting with you?

Like to get that really Hot MILF and have her think that you re-invented sex?

Have you met a girl, think she’s the one yet you feel like you don’t have a ‘hold’ on her yet? Like you could still lose her?

Are you a Playboy or Player wanting to Step Up Your ‘Bedroom Game’?

Have you ever wanted the confidence of being able to approach any woman and already know you can give her multiple orgasms? That you’ll be the BEST SEX…she’s ever had?

Have you ever wanted to have the superpower of giving women multiple orgasms? Any woman…anywhere…anytime you want? What would that do for your confidence with women? What would that do for your relationships with the ladies?

I’ve been a stunt man, lead actor and recreational pilot for years. All things that women find to be cool and sexy. More to the point, I’ve been an International Playboy for most of my adult life. NOT a player. Players tend to hurt women and I’ve never been about that. All the women I’ve been with knew what I was about up front, usually no commitment and just having some fun. This was in between the committed relationships that I’ve been in. Some of the ladies actually became good friends of mine.

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Starting in college, ‘My Boys’ and I always enjoyed seducing women and romancing them. We did this with women from various cultures, ethnic groups, ages, etc. from all around the word. Even after graduating college (my field of study was Psychology), we still kept at it. Each of us has seduced and slept with literally 100s of women.

Along the way, we’ve had some amazing adventures and really fun times! We also shared tips and tricks that each of us has used successfully to ‘bed down’ the ladies. Yet there was one thing I could never figure out…how to give women multiple orgasms on a consistent basis.

I tried for years to figure out how to give women multiple BIG O’s (using my love rod not my fingers and mouth) yet could never do it consistently. When it would happen, it seemed like it was just a fluke. In retrospect, I’d stumbled onto the rudiments of a system to give women consistent orgasms. Yet at the time I didn’t know that, so I just discarded what I had done.

I literally tried everything!

Going a LOT longer didn’t do it. Their vagina would just dry out and they’d start complaining.

Sex toys didn’t do it! The ladies enjoyed them sometimes yet truthfully I didn’t.

Interplay (foreplay in-between) didn’t do it! The ladies liked it and we’d go for another round yet they wouldn’t reach orgasm.

The search engines and Youtube were of NO help! Making matters worse, most of the so called experts online were doling out the same generic information on this particular topic. I could tell they were just regurgitating someone else’s research and articles. They didn’t teach from ACTUAL PERSONAL EXPERIENCE! Bottom line, they didn’t know how to do it either!

So even after reading articles, watching videos and listening to podcasts, I still couldn’t make the ladies reach climax 3, 4, 5 times or more.

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DARN IT NOTHING WORKED! The ladies usually had their 1st orgasm and then either would pass out or would want to stop. After awhile, I got frustrated and just gave up. After all, the women did enjoy having sex with me and almost always had an orgasm every time we had sex.

Then one day I tried something different on a girl and it worked. She had 4 orgasms! So I tried the same thing on a few different girls and it worked on them to! I realized at that point that I was onto something. So I made some improvements and BAM! Literally EVERY WOMAN, without exception, that I made love to started having 3 – 7 orgasms on a consistent basis!

One girl (a REAL CUTIE, a doctor with red hair and a nice figure) had 15 orgasms!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! All thanks to the little system of things I did before and during making love.

Here’s How This System Made Super

Hot Chicks Lust After Me And Made Me

The ENVY OF My Friends

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Let me tell you, when you make a woman orgasm more times than she ever has in her entire life, she decides right then and there that you’re a keeper! Especially Super Hot Chicks that are so gorgeous that they intimidate most men. Understand only a small percentage of women ever experience multiple orgasms at all in their lifetimes. And if they do, it’s a RARE occasion! You instantly become the object of their desire.

Now I’ve slept with and dated several lingerie models (stunning and freaky!), fitness trainers, athletes, fashion models, medical doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, business owners, reporters…all of them hot and all wanted to make me their permanent boyfriend.

In the meantime, I was keeping my friends updated and some of them told me how the girl they really cared for had left them to go with another guy who had a stronger sex game (this REALLY does mean something to women regardless of what they admit too). Or after a few dates and making love a few times, she’d decided she just wanted to be 'friends’.

After I pressed them, they admitted they weren’t really taking care of business in the bedroom. You know they dealt with the classic stuff – working long hours, not in the best of shape, didn’t know how to sexually blow a woman’s mind, and once sex began they’d finish pretty quickly. Most of the time, their lady wouldn’t have a single orgasm. Needless to say, they were emotionally crushed and I could tell it even affected their manhood somewhat.

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As I talked to more and more guys, I realized that many men struggled with the same problems. This made me realize something. A lot of men want to be amazing lovers and really pleasure their lady like she wants to be pleasured. However, they just don’t know how. And this affected me.

So after MANY requests, I officially launched my Sex Coaching and Relationship Consulting business ‘The Couples Coach’ and started sex coaching some guys that were referred to me, as well as couples, and started breaking down the PROVEN System I used to give women 3 – 7 orgasms on average (some more) each and every time and make even the hottest girls chase after me. And the results were phenomenal for ALL of my sex coaching clients! Life changing…to say the least.

And today I’m excited to announce that this system is ready for online release. Introducing…

‘The Ecstasy Method'

The PROVEN System For Giving Women Mind Blowing, Multiple Orgasms. Every. Single. Time.

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Finally, I’ve put together the entire method I created years ago and decided to let guys like you benefit from all the research, experiments, trial and error that I did with dozens of women in multiple countries for years.

I’ve learned firsthand how amazing and lifechanging this easy to learn and simple to use method is based on my own experiences as well as the experiences of my many sex coaching clients. So one of my goals, has been to find an easy way to help as many other guys, and couples, looking for that 1 thing to make them more special & irresistible to the woman they care about, that 1 thing to cause their lady to fall in love with them all over again or even to add a lot more spice to their relationship. That 1 thing that can be their ‘Ace up their sleeve’, a true gamechanger and make virtually any woman WANT THEM!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside

‘The Ecstasy Method’

The 6 Ways Of Orgasming that I learned virtually EVERY woman can experience and how you can use them to give her 3 to 7 climaxes (or more) each and every time and leave her wondering how she ever lived without you.

The 8 things that often happen to your lady that PREVENTS her from climaxing multiple times (or at all) and how you can overcome them. She will think that you’re some kind of Sex God!

My personal 4 step mini-system that I use each time to make sure I’m mentally and physically ready to blow a woman’s mind and body in the bedroom so you can go in with the confidence of knowing that she will be putty in your hands…which I promise will change everything…

Tips, Tricks & Techniques so you can have the ‘Seductive Edge’ that makes her wet and feel like she’s with a manly, alpha male, sexually experienced lover that knows his way around the bedroom and, more importantly, her body.

Discover my patented ‘Sex Hack’ for circumventing the last stage of a woman’s orgasm journey to take her from 1 orgasm and launch her halfway to the next without ANY breaks in between! This simple technique will blow your mind, change your approach forever and have her convinced that you are a sexual magician!

The 6 Key Sexual Positions that immediately put her on the fast-track to Orgasm (most sexual positions don’t!) so you don’t make the most common mistake that most guys make in the bedroom…

Even if you’re a sexual virgin, after this easy to learn course, you’ll go into your 1st encounter as a Sexual Stud!

You will make it crystal clear to women that you’re a ‘Master Lover’ who knows what he’s doing when it comes to pleasuring her and her body.

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LADIES!!! If you’re thinking about getting this for your special guy (hubby or boyfriend), know that some of my greatest breakthroughs have been with couples. Married men and guys in long term committed relationships are DIFFERENT from single guys. They can oftentimes experience more feelings of embarrassment and frustration about their sexual performance (and inability to please you the way they want to) with virtually no one else to turn to.

Other times, they may want to make you feel REALLY special to express how much they care about you yet they simply DON’T KNOW HOW. And let’s face it, men PREFER to learn from other men. This course makes the PERFECT gift for them…AND you. Now you can both feel safe, secure and happy, in the comfort of your own home, while you UNLEASH the sexual animal in your special guy!

Here’s Everything You’re About To Get Your Hands On

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The Va-Jay-Jay Masterclass ®

- $197 value

Insider knowledge and tips about the female vagina too often unknown or overlooked by MOST ladies and virtually ALL guys.

Here’s What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

Passion Kinetics - See how a woman’s sexual hot buttons actually move around based on her bodies position and how to adjust your angles to optimize her pleasure.

Exactly what parts of the va-jay-jay to focus on and what parts not to even bother with. It’s more than you think!

The 4 phases of the female orgasm journey and which phase you want to circumvent to trigger multiple ‘Big O’s in your lady.

A simple, fun game you can play with ANY woman (even 1 you’ve just met) about her vagina (yes really!) that will make her laugh, get her thinking about sex and make you look like a fun, funny and intelligent guy!

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Tips For Men With Penis Issues ®

- $150 value

Expert coaching advice for guys who have psychological or physical challenges affecting their performance.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

The Do’s and Dont’s of making intimacy a truly enjoyable experience for you and your lady. Avoid the key mistakes made by some men struggling with their conditions.

The 3 Tips I teach every sex coaching client that gives them the mental edge in the bedroom and boosts their confidence by changing 1 small thing…

The intimacy performance ‘Truth’ too often overlooked by men challenged with ‘performance issues’.

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The Female Climax Academy ®

- $297 value

The secrets for bringing ANY woman to climax that most men AND women don’t know.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

Did you know women can experience almost 10 different types of climax? Discover each type, why and how they happen.

Learn what happens to a woman’s mind and body as she approaches different types of climax and how you can leverage that to give her mind blowing ‘Big O’s.

The 1 PRO TIP I learned myself that turned me into a Master Lover and the M.V.P. (the ‘P.’ doesn’t stand for Player!) for every woman I’ve been with ever since.

And much more!

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The ‘Problem Vagina’ Clinic ®

- $197 value

One of the most overlooked aspects of pleasuring a woman and one of the most important.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

Discover some of the most common, little known psychological and physiological reasons women DON’T orgasm even if your love game is strong. Become a more well rounded lover by learning how to overcome them all in ANY woman.

Discover how to get her levels of ‘Love Hormone’ (yes it exists) to rocket from low to high with a few simple tricks. No more hearing “I’m just not in the mood…” or “You’re just not turning me on…”.

Learn PROVEN PRO TIPS for priming her mind and body to experience powerful, full-bodied orgasms and have her thinking of you as her own personal ‘Sex Guru’.

And much more!

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The ‘Primo Orgasmo’ Shortcut ®

- $225 value

Learn the Amazingly Effective, Time Tested, Performance Proven Method for giving her the ‘launchpad orgasm’ that most men don’t know…

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

The Do’s and Dont’s of seducing & pleasuring her mind and body so that she instantly relaxes, feels totally comfortable with you and starts her vagina juices flowing!

Learn and use the EXACT seduction statements that I developed with 100s of women that built me up in ALL of their minds so they felt like they were in the hands of an experienced, alpha male, Master Lover!

Video / Audio demonstration of seduction statements. I’ve included video of me actually delivering the seduction statements in the optimal way (verbally & physically) to ensure that you get a personal touch and they work just as well for you when you have your chance ‘between the sheets’.

The 1 seduction hack involving using some of her lingerie, that most guys suck at and absolutely impresses women, puts a sly smile on her face and REALLY turns her on.

Sexy Seduction Jokes! Humor and Horniness are an irresistible combination when it comes to seducing and pleasuring women. Learn 3 funny seduction jokes that are guaranteed to get her to laugh at just the right moments so that she completely opens herself up to you, is more turned on and literally begs for you to be inside of her.

The 1 ‘Multi-Climax Rule’ that few men know, even the most sexually experienced ones, that you absolutely MUST follow to carry her through her 1st and launch her on towards her 2nd orgasm.

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The ‘Big O’ Double Play ®

- $259 value

The Secrets To Taking Her To Her 2nd and even 3rd Climax that 98% of men DO NOT KNOW.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

The exact ‘Female Orgasm Strategy’ I perfected with 100s of women. Exactly what type of orgasm to give her and what type NOT to give her when you’re serious about blowing her mind and leaving her glossy eyed and staring at you.

3 Tips for discovering her ‘sexual orgasm hot buttons’ so you become the ONLY guy who has ever made her “feel this way…”.

Discover Love Position Sex Hacks that empower you by simply altering the angles of her hips and your motions to bring her to new heights of ecstasy! So now you work smarter NOT harder. Why break a sweat if you don’t have too!

Video / Audio demonstration of ‘Climax Encouragement Statements’. Actual video of me delivering the statements in the optimal way (verbally & physically) to ensure you know how to do it right and when. Now you can subconsciously mentally condition her to continue orgasming even longer.

The 2nd ‘Multi-Climax Rule’ that few men know, even the most sexually experienced ones, that you absolutely MUST follow to carry her through her 2nd and propel her on towards her 3rd orgasm.

PRO TIPS on how to make her have her next climax in just a few minutes!!! Faster is BETTER!

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Optimal Love Positions Video Breakdown

- $199 value

The most misunderstood, underappreciated aspect of multi-orgasmic lovemaking and one of the most important.

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

I breakdown the 7 optimal sexual / love positions that optimize the likelihood of your lady orgasming over and over again so you go into the next session of lovemaking with a solid game plan that’s sure to work.

PRO TIPS on how to literally TURBO-Charge ALL of her new orgasms, so her mouth is always gaping wide open and she feels like you just aren’t playing fair!

Discover ‘Combination Climaxes’. How to double up so she experiences 2 different types of Orgasm at the exact same time! She’ll call you her ‘Big Daddy’ after this one!

The Do’s and Dont’s of what to do, where to grab her, how to move her, etc. that more than triples her pleasure (and yours) and leaves her feeling completely overwhelmed while you barely break a sweat.

And much more!

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The Booty Bliss Roadmap - $199 value

For the adventurous who enjoy pleasuring ‘The Booty’!

Here’s Some Of What I’ll Show You In This Video Class:

Exactly what areas in and around her booty to target to optimize giving her THE most powerful booty orgasms she’s ever had.

The exact ‘Booty Orgasm Strategy’ perfected with dozens of women. Exactly what type of orgasm to give her and when, if you’re serious about blowing her mind from ‘Booty Play’ and leaving her glossy eyed and staring up at you.

I breakdown the 8 optimal sexual / love positions that optimize the likelihood of your lady having a ‘booty-gasm’ so you go in making smooth power moves like a Boss!

Video / Audio demonstration of ‘Booty Climax Encouragement Statements’. Actual video of me delivering the statements in the optimal (verbally & physically) way to ensure you know how to do it right and when. Now you can subconsciously mentally condition her to ‘booty-gasm’ more easily and powerfully.

PRO TIPS on how to send her new orgasms into HYPER-drive, so her eyes roll back into her head and she darn near passes out from the overwhelming pleasure!

More ‘Combination Climaxes’. How to double up so she experiences a 2nd type of Orgasm in addition to the ‘Booty-gasm’ at the exact same time! Whose her ‘Daddy’ now!

And much more!

IMPORTANT!!! The Ecstasy Method is simple to learn and easy to use. The video lessons are easy to understand, highly entertaining and take you step by step through the entire process. When you’re finished, you’ll know exactly what to do. And each time you do it afterwards you’ll get better and better!

PLUS, since ‘The Ecstasy Method’ is a video course, you'll get unlimited 24 - 7 - 365 access to all the videos, downloads, bonuses and more for life!

Here’s Why This System Would Normally Cost $2,500

Other online courses for men and women cover similar topics (though none know ‘The Ecstasy Method’…I’ve checked). Yet they tend to be more generalized topics (i.e. handholding, foreplay, mutual masturbation, tantric techniques, etc.). They market themselves as helping couples to enjoy lovemaking more.

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Yet none of them have travelled the world seducing and making love to exotic women the world over, giving them all Multiple Orgasms like I have. They just don’t have the same International Playboy skill set or experience. Nor do they have the experience as a Master Sex Coach & Relationship Consultant coaching men and couples through all sorts of sexual scenarios and issues.

Plus, my method doesn’t involve using your mouth and fingers to give women multiple climaxes…it’s all using your ‘love wand’. This is far more powerful and the way most women actually prefer to climax.


These other courses average about $150 per video (and they have a LOT of videos) or have monthly subscription fees totaling over $2,500 per year and their customers willingly pay it. Yet for me, I know from years of couples sex coaching there are a LOT of men (and couples) around the world who would benefit from the unique knowledge in my course.

Plus, over the years I’ve told my friends that when the time came for me to offer this course, I’d make it very affordable so more people could benefit from it. And now that day is here.

Because of that, I’m releasing ‘The Ecstasy Method' The PROVEN System For Giving Women Mind Blowing, Multiple Orgasms. Every. Single. Time. including all of the videos PLUS the bonuses (found below) for INSTANT ACCESS. You’ll get it today at the lowest rate possible.

Normally $199 Today Just $49

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Try It 60 Days Risk Free.

If you don’t like it and it doesn’t work for you...

I’ll refund every penny.

(this is something the other courses WON’T do)

What Else Do You Need To Be Successful Using

‘The Ecstasy Method’ With The Babes?

As I was creating this course, I realized there were a few other things that you could use to make it easier to be successful using it. That’s why I created never before seen (or sold) bonuses and I’m going to throw them in completely FREE with your purchase today.

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Bonus #1 -

'The Ecstasy Method’ CHEATSHEET

This helps to make it ‘state-of-the-art’ easy to learn, remember and use!

One of the most effective ways to learn and RETAIN what you leaned for use later is with a cheatsheet. This E-Z to use cheatsheet has the entire method illustrated in it, plus includes the ‘sexy jokes’ (that get the girls laughing AND horny), seduction statements to make during foreplay, statements to make during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd orgasms and more.

Always remember, men seduce women with words…women seduce men with sexy clothing. So saying the right thing at the right time makes all the difference with women.

This invaluable Cheatsheet contains everything you need to know to make ‘The Ecstasy Method’ work plus it’s designed for you to save it on your phone or print it out and keep it in your pocket for when you pay a visit to one of your lady friends!

You can have the attention span of a goldfish, with a memory to match, yet with this invaluable cheatsheet it makes it state-of-the-art easy and simple to do!

A $45 value – yours FREE

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Bonus #2 - Premium Email Support

Personalized attention and help is just an email away. I'm here to 'ride shotgun' for you every step of the way!

So what happens if you have a question that’s not covered in the course? Or some new situation comes up? With courses like this offered by other people, you’re on your own OR you have to pay for a pricey consultation. Well not with ‘The Ecstasy Method’ course. I’m including PREMIUM email support to answer any questions that you may have (about using what you learn in this course)…for life!

Now you’re not in it alone. You have me riding shotgun for you every step of the way. Even when you are about to try it out on your special lady. Simply, email me your question (our premium support email is included with this course) and I will personally reply to it with an answer at no additional charge. My couples sex coaching packages average $125 per session so getting this is a great benefit and a valuable service.

A $499 value – yours FREE

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For The First 150 Orders Only

There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD I will continue to offer this amazing one of a kind, life changing course for this low discounted price. MARK MY WORDS, I will increase the price to $199 which is still an amazing deal.

So after the first 150 orders that I get, the price will increase to $199.

Here’s All You Need To Do Now…

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To get your hands on ‘The Ecstasy Method' - The PROVEN System For Giving Women Mind Blowing, Multiple Orgasms. Every. Single. Time. right now, have your credit card ready and use our secure order form.

Just click the big blue button below to get started and afterwards you will be taken to our Instant Access Course Page. Just fill out the form below to get instant access.

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What are you waiting for? Invest in yourself and release the ‘Super Stud’ that lays hidden within you. I’m so confident that you’ll get results, that I back it up with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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