Attention Actors, Stunt Performers & Newbies!

Here’s How To Get The Tactical Movie Rifle, Carbine & Shotgun Training For Film & TV You NEED To GROW Your Career Without Paying A Lot OR Having To Travel

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Been noticing that more and more Movies and TV shows feature actors / stunt performers that use Tactical Movie Rifle, Carbine & Shotgun firearms training?

Have you been passed over for roles because you don’t have TACTICAL movie firearms training?

Ever not even bother submitting for a role because they REQUIRE you to have had tactical movie rifle, carbine or shotgun training?

Want to look like a ‘John Wick’ Tactical Movie Firearms Bad Ass on camera?

Would you like to add some tactical movie rifle, carbine or shotgun choreography to your acting or stunt reel so you can submit for MORE roles?

Like to add some tactical movie rifle, carbine or shotgun choreography to your movie, film, TV series, web series, content, etc.?

My stunt team C.B.T. Stunt Alliance has always trained in the traditional stunts (i.e. falls, fight scenes, martial arts weapons, vehicular stunts, etc.) yet we are KNOWN for our Elite Tactical Firearms Choreography for Film & TV expertise. Most well organized stunt teams tend to specialize in 1 thing. For us, it’s everything tactical firearms, which is why we get hired to play roles for US Special Forces, Delta Force, U.S. Navy Seal Team 6, SWAT and more.

Needless to say we’ve all enjoyed AMAZING careers and have had an absolute blast! This success came about because we literally trained in stunts and tactical firearms training EVERY Sunday for 3 hours per session for years. This ensured that we were always at the top of our game.

During this time, we’ve always had actors, stunt performers and content creators that find us in the search engines, social media or get referred to us to learn tactical movie firearms training so they can use it for specific projects or in general just so they can audition for roles that require tactical movie gun firearms training in various TV shows and movies. The problem was we were always too busy working to actually train all these people. We’d simply tell them we’d add them to the list (which was a VERY long one!) and notify them when we were teaching classes, which would rarely ever happen. Hey it’s what happens when you’re in demand!

SIDE NOTE – we did provide paid actor/ stunt performer training yet mainly for actors and stunt performers for projects that WE were hired for. This is one of the ways we got known in the industry and got so many referrals.

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Then over a 6 month period, we were contacted by a bunch of people who followed us on Facebook, from across the US and even many from developing countries around the world, all wishing they could train with us and realize their dreams in this wonderful business. I knew they couldn’t afford to travel to Los Angeles, CA let alone pay for our class fees AND their training gear. Their dreams would go unfulfilled. And this REALLY affected me.

The breaking point came, when one woman literally contacted me EVERY month for 4 months straight to ask if we were teaching a tactical movie rifle, carbine or shotgun class yet. I always gave her the same “add you to the list” answer yet she knew she really needed the training to grow her career and the other tactical courses out there were just for personal defense and had nothing to with film & TV (there’s a WORLD of difference). Her annoying and undying persistence paid off! Lol! So we went ahead and scheduled some classes.

We limited the number of students because we didn’t want a huge deluge of students and as predicted the classes sold out quickly (though that meant many more were added to our ‘list’). Well everyone loved the classes! So much so that many asked if they could get VIDEOS of the training to use as a reference for later on. They didn’t want to forget the great lessons that they’d learned and the wealth of information that our instructors shared with them.

I realized that day that everything had changed for me. My stunt team and I could no longer simply chalk it up to being too busy to help other aspiring actors, stunt performers and content creators. We had to recreate our approach, our priorities, our thinking. It took me 6 months to put it all together.

Yet when I did…it all clicked! We got great results and feedback from a test group of students that loved the teaching strategy we’d innovated. They learned EXACTLY what they needed to know to grow their careers WHEN they needed it and more importantly were able to RETAIN what they’d learned for auditions, film & TV projects and their reels. All thanks to the unique teaching strategy & learning system we put together for them.

Here’s How This System Helped Our Students

Book Killer Roles And Made Them The ENVY

Of Their Friends

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Take a look at just some of their results:

Jason H., stunt performer and actor, went on to book multiple dream roles. 1 as a Yakuza Boss (toting movie gun prop firearms and a Samurai sword) and another as a member of a SWAT Team.

Newbie to the stunt business, Anthony T., booked roles in a Michael Jai White film as a member of Michael’s Tactical Response Team (he got to work with his long time hero!) as well as a mercenary in a military action TV series.

Actress Elena R. booked roles as a movie prop gun toting, cop shooting, femme fatale in a TV show as well as an enemy solider in a TV series.

Aspiring action actor, Lugdy C., booked a movie role as the movie carbine toting point person on an FBI Hostage Rescue Team (VERY rare for ladies!) as well as a role on the CBS TV show ‘SEAL TEAM’.

Newbie to the acting world, Ken M., went on to book MANY roles (over 98 IMDB credits and counting!) ranging from armed henchman, mercenary and armed alien drone to soldier, movie gun toting cult leader and more!

And the list goes on and on!

It was this experience that made me realize something…Not all aspiring actors, stunt performers & content creators get the opportunity to get the precise tactical movie rifle, carbine or shotgun Training, specifically designed for film & TV by industry experts, that they need to grow their career and make their own projects. And honestly that makes me feel sad.

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So after this test run, I made a promise to myself: that I and my stunt team would do whatever we could to help out new people coming into the business…as well as veteran actors & stunt performers…learn tactical firearms training for film & TV and book as many roles as possible.

So I started breaking down and improving the “teaching strategy and learning system” I used to get breakthrough results for our test students to launch their acting and stunt careers and even grow them to the next level.

So after MANY requests, I officially launched CBT Stunt Alliance’s Online Action University Stunt Classes and Stunt Training for Newbies & PROs

And today I’m excited to announce that our latest and MOST POPULAR Course is ready for online release. Introducing the…

‘‘Tactical Firearms Training For Film & TV –

Rifle, Carbine & Shotgun - MasterCourse"

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Finally, I’ve put back together the complete PAID courses we taught over the past several years and decided to let performers like you benefit from all the research, experiments, trial and error that we did with dozens of actors, stunt performers and content creators for years.

I, and my stunt teammates, have learned firsthand how amazing and lifechanging this training is based on our own experiences as well as the experiences of our many students and clients. So one of my goals, has been to find a way to help as many other actors, stunt performers and content creators looking for that 1 thing to make them more marketable to the industry, that 1 thing to help them book that next MAJOR role that could propel them onwards to fame & fortune. That 1 thing that can be their ‘Ace up their sleeve’, a true gamechanger and help them grow their career to the next level!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside The

‘‘Tactical Firearms Training For Film & TV –

Rifle, Carbine & Shotgun - MasterCourse"

The 6 Most Important Pieces of tactical movie rifle, carbine & shotgun performance advice I was given when I was a newbie that changed my approach forever so you can always look amazing on camera even if the DP doesn’t know how to shoot action (which MOST don’t).

The 4 keys to identifying and operating various types of carbines, rifles, machine pistols and shotguns specifically for movies so you don't make the most common mistakes that many actors and stunt performers make on set.

My personal 4 step mini-system that I used each day to make sure I was mentally & physically ready for the next big audition or performance involving a firearm so you can have the mental edge over other actors & performers up for the same role...which I promise will change everything...

Tactical Performance Drills & Exercises, Practice Action Sequences and Techniques & Tips, so you can have the "performers edge” that makes the director and DP be drawn to you and always favor you in the shots.

You will be able to give yourself the confidence you've been lacking at home and on set using the exact mental & psychological techniques & exercises our stunt team has used for years to train LEAD actors and stunt performers for their BEST performances in movies and TV shows.

Discover our patented ‘Performance Hack’ for tactically using a movie prop rifle, carbine or shotgun to heighten the drama and tension within ANY scene and make your performance transcendent. Even if you’re doing improv! This simple technique will blow your mind, change your approach forever and have the director and stunt coordinator convinced that you are an undiscovered STAR! ⭐

You will make it crystal clear that you're an actor or stunt performer who knows what the hell they're doing when EXPERTLY handling tactical movie rifle, carbine & shotgun prop firearms.

Look Inside this MasterCourse▼

But Wait!!! Don't You Need To Learn Gun Training In Person?

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Self Defense Gun training you want to learn in person at a range. Yet NOT 'Tactical Movie Prop Gun Training for film & TV'. Understand this...Tactical Movie Prop Gun Training for Film & TV is to movies…What Stunt Fighting is to movies…PERFORMANCE ART. It is learning how to deliver believable, realistic, compelling performances on camera with movie prop firearms (i.e. John Wick, Proud Mary, Military Action Movies, etc.) not actually shooting holes in people, pieces of paper, or steel gongs, with real bullets like in self defense shooting.

Self Defense shooting (which we teach as well) does NOT translate well to film & TV. No more than preparing to actually fight in the ring prepares you for stunt fighting for movies. Each one are totally different skillsets. One is self defense shooting that you do with live firearms (and can be dangerous as other unskilled people are usually shooting around you as well). See our Shocking, EYE OPENING video about this topic located near the BOTTOM of this page!

While Movie Prop Gun training is performance art that you practice & perform with plastic, rubber or metal fake movie prop guns (like the ones you actually will be using on movie & TV sets) that are 100% safe for you to practice with inside of your own home.

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