Attention Actors, Stunt Performers & Newbies!

Here’s How To Get The Tactical Movie Rifle, Carbine & Shotgun Training For Film & TV You NEED To GROW Your Career Without Paying A Lot OR Having To Travel

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Been noticing that more and more Movies and TV shows feature actors / stunt performers that use Tactical Movie Rifle, Carbine & Shotgun firearms training?

Have you been passed over for roles because you don’t have TACTICAL movie firearms training?

Ever not even bother submitting for a role because they REQUIRE you to have had tactical movie rifle, carbine or shotgun training?

Want to look like a ‘John Wick’ Tactical Movie Firearms Bad Ass on camera?

Would you like to add some tactical movie rifle, carbine or shotgun choreography to your acting or stunt reel so you can submit for MORE roles?

Like to add some tactical movie rifle, carbine or shotgun choreography to your movie, film, TV series, web series, content, etc.?

My stunt team C.B.T. Stunt Alliance has always trained in the traditional stunts (i.e. falls, fight scenes, martial arts weapons, vehicular stunts, etc.) yet we are KNOWN for our Elite Tactical Firearms Choreography for Film & TV expertise. Most well organized stunt teams tend to specialize in 1 thing. For us, it’s everything tactical firearms, which is why we get hired to play roles for US Special Forces, Delta Force, U.S. Navy Seal Team 6, SWAT and more.

Needless to say we’ve all enjoyed AMAZING careers and have had an absolute blast! This success came about because we literally trained in stunts and tactical firearms training EVERY Sunday for 3 hours per session for years. This ensured that we were always at the top of our game.

During this time, we’ve always had actors, stunt performers and content creators that find us in the search engines, social media or get referred to us to learn tactical movie firearms training so they can use it for specific projects or in general just so they can audition for roles that require tactical movie gun firearms training in various TV shows and movies. The problem was we were always too busy working to actually train all these people. We’d simply tell them we’d add them to the list (which was a VERY long one!) and notify them when we were teaching classes, which would rarely ever happen. Hey it’s what happens when you’re in demand!

SIDE NOTE – we did provide paid actor/ stunt performer training yet mainly for actors and stunt performers for projects that WE were hired for. This is one of the way